Snacktime! Meet Nakd.


Busy bees that are always on the run might find it hard to have a healthy snack in between meetings or classes. i know I do: I happily take the time to mix together a healthy salad for lunch or dinner, but when it comes to curing those in-between cravings, I often come up blank. A healthy, easy snack to munch on when you’re out and about, that is easy to take with you and will keep you feeling happy and healthy throughout the day is something I was on the look-out for. And now, I’ve found it!

How To Style Over-The-Knee Boots When You're Petite

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It’s mid-September, and even though temperatures are still quite high for this time of year, I’m already dressing for fall. My favourite camel coat has woken from its summer sleep and I can’t wait to raid Zara for some shiny new so-called ‘fall essentials’. Since I’m still pretty much on bed arrest (I was so sick this weekend I had to cancel my workshops during #ModeinOostende, which made me feel 10 times worse!) I had to create a fall-proof look with old items. Oldies, but goodies! I got these boots from my daddy-o seven (!!) years ago, which is like 8 billion years in fashun, and I still love them.