• Jet Set Go!

    a day in Designer Outlet Roermond

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  • Blogger vs. WordPress: the showdown

    In the left corner: Blogger, in the right: WordPress. Let the games begin

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  • Add to Cart: Holy Chic!

    Hold on tight gals, because there's a new webshop that'll make your heart beat faster! Tiffany and Annelien, …

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  • Ripped Knees, White Shirt

    It's been a while since I last showed an outfit on the blog, but since it’s still a …

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  • Maxi Skirt Serenade

    Every year when Summer comes peeping, it's the same story:  I crave maxi skirts and dresses! …

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Jet Set Go!

By July 29, 2014 event reports

A lovely day spent designer shopping at an enormous outlet village is worth sharing – so here’s my recap of an afternoon of designer delights, at highly discounted prices! I didn’t get myself another chic handbag this time around, but I did browse the shops in Designer Outlet Roermond for the perfect suitcase. I have a few trips coming up and was still looking for that one awesome travel companion; and I think I found it. Jet? Set? Go!

My pro tip when it comes to travel gear: get yourself to Designer Outlet Roermond and pick out your favourite suitcases from the numerous travel brands. At a fraction of the retail price, why wouldn’t you stock up on handy carry-alls? There’s a Samsonite store, a Tumi shop, MGM has amazing weekenders and how awesome would a roomy tote bag by Prada look on your arm? I chose a bright yellow Samsonite suitcase because nothing is worse than starting your vacay waiting for your stuff to roll by on the airport’s bandwagon. A pop of colour makes your suitcase easy to recognize, and this yellow makes it feel like you’re taking a piece of sunshine with you.

Summer plans? Designer shopping is one of them!

Jetsetting in la douce France? The town of Roubaix, which is 15 minutes from Lille, holds a true treasure: a Designer Outlet with names such as Maje, Zadig & Voltaire and Petit Bateau amongst the inhabitants. When you have a few hours to kill in Paris, add Troyes to that GPS and drive to another amazing Designer Outlet center.

Plans to visit dolce Firenze? Why not stop by Designer Outlet Barberino while you’re at it? Adorn yourself with those typical Italian high fashion brands at -70% discounts! From Prada over Pinko to Trussardi: Barberino holds some true Italian fashion culture.

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Blogger vs. WordPress: the showdown

By July 26, 2014 blogging

Just recently I discovered the beauty that is blogging via WordPress, and I was turned in an instant. I have a lot experience with blogging via Google’s Blogger platform, making the most of its features and limitations, but the unlimited amount of options WordPress has to offer is breath-taking. Time for a little showdown, isn’t it? In the left corner: Blogger, in the right: WordPress. Let the games begin!

Easy breezy vs. limitless options

If you’re looking to set up shop in the blink of an eye, opt for Blogger. Its interface is extremely user friendly, there’s a handful of templates to choose from and a million of themes to download online and customize within Blogger. But easy also means limitations, and even though there are a few great resources for making the most out of your Blogger website online, it’s still limited when it comes to widgets.

When it comes to restrictions, a self-hosted WordPress site knows none. There’s a plug-in for literally everything a blogger could ever wish for, from Pinterest widgets over Google Analytics menu’s to lightboxes to view your photos in. Lots and lots of options also requires some kind of knowledge on what goes where – so a bit of HTML or CSS know-how is welcome.

Free vs. Paid

Google’s Blogger is as free as it gets. Sign up, start a blog, choose a name and boom: yetanotherfashionblog.blogspot.com is yours! However, if you’re looking for a domain name, you’ll have to drop a little cash, let’s say around €10 a year, which is peanuts for your own, unique .com blog. I used to host via GoDaddy, which I can definitely recommend.

To host a WordPress.com site, you’ll need server space, a domain name and Google or another help line to get answers to the questions you’ll undoubtedly have. I relied on my brother Robin to direct the move from Blogger to WordPress. All of my existing content needed to migrate from one server to another, my domain name had to redirect to the new space etc. Warning: this won’t be a smooth ride. I used the Blogger Importer plug-in which did a great job importing my content into the new blog, but I lost a lot of comments and photos still. Because I used to upload all of my images via Photobucket, most of my old posts don’t show the right images anymore. This could be fixed manually, by copying the contents of all of the older posts, and I’m still working on fixing every post – which can be quite the time consuming task after five years of blogging on the old platform.

Oh for the record, there’s also a free WordPress option. This is great to get you familiar with its user interface and post editor and such, but is still limited in regards to templates and such.

Break it down

When rolling with Blogger, the only cost you may have is the yearly purchase of your domain name. This ranges around €10 a year. You might want to address a web designer to create a custom blog layout or google your way to the design of your dreams. This will cost you something, but Blogger designs are usually cheaper than WordPress themes. If you have a bit of HTML knowledge, customizing a layout is fairly simple.

If you’re planning on becoming a WordPress gal, keep in mind that the initial cost is higher. Look for server space and a domain name – I host this blog on Versio, who offer special WordPress packages that guarantee a smooth ride. Prices start around €25 a year, which is very affordable in my book. Click here to check out rates and sign up. Start looking around for a suitable web designer – or contact me, I can hook you up! – and get yourself ready to explore everything WordPress.com has to offer. Because it’s a lot!

If you’re looking to start a blog, I suggest you first think about what you want in both the near future and the long run. A multitude of posts, users and options? Go for a WordPress based blog, which is the best platform for amazing magazine-style themes and templates. If you’re looking for a simpler blog design or if you’re fine with having the limited Blogger widgets, opt for Blogger; by all means, this is a great platform to blog on!

Thinking about moving but you’re still stuck with a thousand questions? Ask them below or drop me an email and I’ll gladly help where possible.

Dandelions & Other Stories

By July 25, 2014 daily outfits

My first visit to & Other Stories’ Antwerp store kinda left me speechless – the building, the atmosphere, the details.. It’s truly an inspiring hub of exciting-but-timeless pieces, amazing shoe styles and delicious make-up and skin care. I adore their branding, the packaging of products, the Stories website and their invitations towards talented designers such as Vika Gazinskaya. Her capsule collection of white cotton dresses, pencilled patterns and frilly necklines is all sold out but was amazing!

I spotted the collection on Regent Street in London and went back for more while visiting Antwerp. This starchy cotton shirt with all-over dandelion print winked at me from the rack it hung on, and I eagerly hopped over to pull out my size. Unfortunately all there was left was a size 38, which was definitely too big. Or so I thought. As luck would have it, I found the shirt in my mailbox last week, sent over as a lovely PR gift. I unfold, glance, and see the number 38. Oh nahh, I gasp, but I still try it on. And with a bit of alternations – a sleeve rolled up here, a hem tucked in there – it works. Dandelion ON!


I’m wearing a Vika Gazinskaya for &Other Stories shirt , H&M ankle jeans with zipper,
two-tone sandals  Geox, Michael Kors Technology Clutch,
Daniel Wellington Classic St Andrews Lady Rose Gold watch .

Add to Cart: Holy Chic!

By July 25, 2014 shopping

Hold on tight gals, because there’s a new webshop that’ll make your heart beat faster! Tiffany and Annelien, two connaiseurs of chic, recently opened up shop on holychic.be – warning: by clicking on this link you’ll be redirected into the sugary sweet world of sparkles, glitter and gold.

From statement necklaces over chandelier earings to subtile hair pins. Holy Chic holds everything you need to lift that casual outfit to the next level and add some proper Hollywood glam to that evening gown of yours. Your bank account will be happy as well, because these priceless items are a great buy! Go on, have a look, I won’t tell.


Gin & Triangle on the Rocks – €14.95 / Pop Like Pink Champage – €7.95 / Walking on Sunshine – €24.95


My webshop favourites: these pretty rosé gold pleated bobbypins.

Hot Day? Wear A Playsuit

By July 24, 2014 daily outfits

Dressing city-appropriate on hot days can be tricky – of course it’s easy to put on your swimmers and your tiniest pair of shorts, but you still want to look somewhat put together and not like you’re heading to the beach. Enter the playsuit: a cute top + short-combo which is perfectly breezy but still looks like you’re wearing an outfit. I got to pick out this particular piece by French Connection through Zalando, and I originally planned on wearing it to our Couleur Café outing. Now, about a month later, it’s the perfect weather to rock this one-piece. And the best news? It’s on sale right now!

I’m wearing a playsuit by French Connection, sandals from Buffalo and leather jacket from Zara.