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  • Guilty pleasures

    One of my guilty pleasures: bad TV shows! I watch a lot of series, and although it’s kind of hard to admit it, i love watching the most trivial and pointless shows. Of course i follow all the populair shows such as Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, 90210, Dexter, True Blood, The Big Bang Theory and […]

  • Life Feed #0

    As you are reading this I’m on the road to Paris (yes by bus, ah the horror!) so be sure to drop by on Sunday for the big Paris-update. Have a lovely weekend! MondayDecided to trade in my morning class for a slow breakfast with The September Issue, followed by the latest episode of Desperate […]

  • Taylor Tomasi

    (click for bigger version) Meet Taylor Tomasi, previous senior market editor for Teen Vogue and currently style and accessories director for US Marie Claire magazine. She mixes a lot of styles together and clearly likes to play with the feminine/masculine aspect of clothing. Her beautiful red hair is her best accessory.

  • Travel tales: city d’amour

    On Friday I leave for a rather impulsive trip to Paris. I decided to go so I could do most of my christmas shopping there. So i will def. be stopping by Marc Jacobs and Colette. I’m back on Sunday so expect a lot of pictures. Do you know more places in Paris that I […]