Life Feed #0

As you are reading this I’m on the road to Paris (yes by bus, ah the horror!) so be sure to drop by on Sunday for the big Paris-update. Have a lovely weekend!

Decided to trade in my morning class for a slow breakfast with The September Issue, followed by the latest episode of Desperate Housewives. I don’t want to spoil anything, so all i can say is this: OMG. Whole lot of drama going on on Wisteria Lane, and than the ending, shocker!

A few weeks ago one of my friends turned 22. As a present I gave her a (selfmade) Free Sushi-coupon, and today we went to redeem it. I had maki rolls with salmon and cucumber, love it! We went to this new place on the South, it’s called Kyoto and their prices are really good. The owners don’t speak any Dutch wich makes for awkward moments, but they’re really friendly and have the cutest little Asian boy who tried to feed me dried grasshopper :/ I thanked politely.

A view from inside the newest museum in Antwerp, the MAS, overlooking part of the harbour of Antwerp. It opens for the public on the 17th of May, so if you’re in town by then be sure to check it out!

Supercute little bunny hiding in the bushes!