Casual Tuesdays

Oh how I love casual Fridays, even on other days of the week. Sometimes I just donโ€™t feel like dressing up and on those days Iโ€™d rather chill around in something simple. My favourite casual look consists of jeans, a plain white shirt, flats or sneakers and a comfy coat. It got pretty cold today so I decided to wallow myself in soft and simple fabrics. Hence the oversized sweater I found lying around the house (donโ€™t know whose it is but its damn soft), white t-shirt and Fornarina jeans. To look somewhat work-worthy I paired it all with a soft leopard scarf and my new wedges from Zara. Cute, but comfortable!

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From Antwerp to Amsterdam

Current location: Amsterdam. Well, by the time you’re reading this I’ll be back behind my desk in Antwerp, but right now I’m preparing this Monday post from my hotel room on the 9th floor overlooking Amsterdam.

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