The graduate

My twitter-followers already got the real-time exclusive, but i have some great news I proudly want to tell all of you: I’m graduated. Yihaa!

Finally, after three years of pulling all-nighters I have my bachelor degree. True, those long nights were mainly the result of a lot of partying, but there certainly was some studying involved somewhere. No, I’m selling myself short here, I was quite the academic when I needed to be (read: only in times of exams). But it’s the result that counts, right? And my journey towards this day of graduation has been truly amazing. I met the most interesting people; gained friendships that I’m sure will last a lifetime and experienced things that only made me grew stronger and wiser.

By closing one chapter of my life, another one begins. I’m not diving into the professional working pool just yet, there’s plenty time for that in the future. Come September I will start my bachelor in communication management and public relations. That’s right, I’m becoming the new Samantha Jones (minus all the physical escapades that is).

But that’s still in the future, for now the only things on my mind are chilling in the sun, catching up on some reading, hanging out with the friends and doing.absolutely.nothing. Oh the good life! (I do start my summer job next Monday, but let’s not think about that for now..) How’s your summer’s going to look like? Hanging poolside at Lake Cabo with that Nespresso-dude? Rock-climbing and scuba-diving in Australia? Tell me, I want to know!


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