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Woohoo! Eventseason is upon us! Well actually, all year round fashionable parties are thrown and previews, store openings and fashion shows are held, but during the summer holiday things get a bit more quiet on the eventfront. Luckily, with the coming of the cold front (has it ever really left?) come partiessss! Lots of fun stuff on the agenda: Antwerp city is bustling and sizzling with fashion adventures! (exaggerating much?)

Anyway, let me take you along on some of my fashion adventures of the past week! The red line through pretty much this entire week? RIVER ISLAND! Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year and have no idea what River Island stand for, let me fill you in real quick: River Island is one of Britain’s best known high street brands, the place to go for on-trend and right off of the runway trends. I fell in love with the shop five years ago on one of my first visits to London and was pretty excited to find out River Island was opening a shop on the Meir in Antwerp (Meir 56, to be exact). A year has passed, and I still drop by the store on each and every of my shopping sprees.

Though it’s technically still summer, I started my week with a preview of the River Island Christmas 2011 collection. Pretty models with even prettier shoes (yep, even the boys) showed off the XMAS collection on the catwalk. I saw some amazing things, and in my opinion you can always turn to RI for some statement jewellery and matching shoes. Those shoes! You can wear a pair of RI heels under your pyjamas and still look holiday season appropriate.

Because pictures speaks louder than words: picture-time!

Photographing models who pass by at the speed of light = not easy, so here are a few more ‘professional’ pics (courtesy of Oona).

And me sporting my funky pants while sitting front row:

Anyways, the fun didn’t stop there. Next stop: Glam*It’s Fashionably Late event. Every now and then the glossy mag hosts a late-night shopping eve for its readers, with (as usual at every fashion-related event) fashionable people, delish cocktails and cute candy, and 20% discounts! What better place to have such an evening than at the River Island store. I still had the gift voucher I won (in this contest) so I decided to spend it on my first official A/W11 buy: boots. Can’t go wrong with good old sturdy boots in wintertime. You will see them in an outfit post real soon, once I exchanged them that is. Word of advice: don’t drink when shopping. It makes you unvigilant and carefree, and you wind up with a pair of boots in two different colours (well not really, but the right shoe is much lighter and more faded than the left one..) so I have to go back and exchange them for a more matching pair. Starting and ending my week with River Island, the perfect circle.


Happy me heading home

Shout out to the lovely Oona’s and Catherine*it: you guys know how to throw parties!


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