Spending detox

A month of not buying any clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up, jewellery and so on… Just the thought of it makes me quiver with fear. It might sounds strange to some people, but I can honestly say not a week goes by without me adding new items to my –already jam-packed- closet.

It’s like Annebeth asks herself in her Serious Saturday article: are we permanent shoppers? Lately I’m beginning to think I am. More and more I find myself spending my hard earned money on clothes and things I don’t really need. Nothing new there, I like shopping and buying new things, but work reminded me again of how hard one really needs to work in order to make some money, money that’s so easily spend in a few hours. The happiness that comes with buying a new pair of designer shoes more often gets overshadowed by the thought of all the hours of work one has to go through in order to pay for them.

In the hope of appreciating my bought goods a bit more again, I am challenging myself to a one-month shop-stop. That’s right, for the next 31 days I won’t buy, I won’t spend, I won’t even bat so much as an eyelash at all those pretty new shiny things stores have to offer. (No wait, that sounds a bit too harsh… Let’s agree I can look, touch and try on all the new fall items, and then hang everything right back where I got it from – ah the self-torture). I’m kind of excited to work with my existing wardrobe and see what comes out. Luckily, when my withdrawal symptoms get out of control, I can still turn to my River Island vouchers and H&M gift card. But that’s as far as I allow myself to stray, pinky swear! (well maybe with the exception of Forever21..?)

In the meantime here’s an outfit with one of my latest -and last- purchases, the green parka!

parka, dress, bag:

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