Life Feed #1

Since I love reading these kind of weekly recap posts on other blogs, I decided to relaunch my Life Feed series posts. The past few days have been fun but busy, so here are the captions to what you’ve been looking at:

Moved! I’m now happy resident of one of Antwerps most fashionable shopping streets. yay. Would you like to see more pics of my new place?
– I made my own sushi! (and went to my favourite Sushi spot a lot too)
– Received this pretty Swarovski Chrystals Think Pink pin. Thanks UPR, will be wearing this a lot in October.
– Went to the reception of Fashion in Style, a collaboration between FFI and Maasmechelen Village
– Enjoying the last bits of Summer from my city balcony

University has started as well today and i’m pretty excited about it all. How was your week?


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