some happy thoughts

Saw this over at Taza’s blog and thought it would be nice to list the things that made me happy this past week. Life passes by so fast that it’s sometimes good to stop and be grateful about the happy moments. So here we go:

10 things that made me happy this week
1. Watching old movies while drinking hot chamomile tea
2. Coming home and finding presents on the doorstep
3. Picking out the best Halloween costume. Wondering what I’ll be? You’ll see.
4. Spontaneous nights out (I went bowling. ànd played snooker. Two sports in one night, I’m good for another half year now.)
5. Spending an entire afternoon at Ikea, observing customers (for a class. really.) and buying scented candles
6. Bright coral lipstick
7. Digging into a 1000 page book for my film history class and finding it surprisingly interesting and fun to read
8. Watching reruns of MTV’s The City and drooling over Olivia Palermo’s perfect wardrobe.
9. Stumbling upon lovely new blogs like The Daybook and A Beautiful Mess
10. Arranging some pretty cool giveaways for you guys. Curious? I’ll let you know reeeaaally soon.

What made you happy the past week?

On the pictures: colourful flowers at mom’s place and two of the cutest little kitties sitting under our livingroom window.

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