Essentiel s/s 2012 preview

You would think short days equals long nights, but not in my case. I woke up at 6 in the morning today [luckily for a fun event, more on that later] and left the house when it was still dark. When I got back at 5PM it was already dark as night outside (and really cold, Winter has arrived!)

So I figured I needed some bright colourful patterns to cheer up this gloomy day, and what brand better to turn to than Essentiel? Last week I visited the Oona PR headquarters and was not only welcomed by the happy cheery faces of the Oona girls, but also by the happy cheery prints, colours and patterns of the Essentiel spring/summer 2012 collection.

Keywords are bright COLOUR, bold PRINTS and heavenly FABRICS. Not that I was expecting anything less from Essentiel (I’m a huge fan, does it show?). So here’s a little preview from the new collection – I love that thick bright blue cardigan, yum.

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