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I love books! I like reading and collecting them, and when I grow up I want to have a library in my house (preferably next to my four giant walk-in closets). Since I’ve recently came across some new fashion-related literary finds, I thought it would be nice to share my latest additions on the blog.

First up: Miss Tiany Kiriloff. Not only is she Belgium’s number one fashion lover, co-owner of, television-host and caring wife and mommy of two, she can now call herself a published author as well. In her book titled ‘Tiany Kirilove’ this jack-of-all-trades takes us with her into her world of fashion, work, friends and family. The book gives tips on how to juggle a busy career with a family whilst still investing in friendships and all of this with a radiant glow on your face and a fitting outfit on.

Buy the book here or find it in most Belgian bookstores.

Tiany at the book signing – I actually bought the first book ever sold. Yay.

Every so often I get persuaded by offers from Free shipping? Only for me? And a -25% discount on selected items? Valid only today? Click! That’s how I came across this book; Classy by Derek Blasberg.

Derek Blasberg is one funny tweeter. Apart from being Editor at Large at Harpers Bazaar he also collaborated on a bunch of publications, such as Influence by the Olsen twins. A year ago he published Classy, a bundle of humerous essays and illustrations that function as an etiquette guide for ‘the modern lady’. This book isn’t extremely innovative, but it’s Funny with a capital F. The Classy book already has its own sequel, Very Classy, with ‘even more exceptional advice for the extremely modern lady’.

Recomendable? Definately. Short articles, great pictures and well-written whittiness = i like. Find Classy and Very Classy on Amazon here.

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