The preppiness continues

Remember this post I wrote about Tommy Hilfiger’s signature preppy looks and the accompanying prep style contest they organized? I decided to be an example and uploaded my own picture on the website. Little did I know back then that this preppy outfit would allow me to win a €500 gift voucher.. I was named the winner of Belgium and as a runner-up in the international contest I won myself some happy shopping time at Tommy H. Best of all, I totally forgot about participating in the contest, so all of this came as a huge surprise. Another surprise: seeing my picture featured on the pages of Kinda cool, right?

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Hi there! I am Elien, an Antwerp-based blogger and creative consultant with a penchant for all things pretty. Daily habits include tons of coffee, cuddles with puppy Lewis, exciting e-commerce adventures and sharing it all on this blog. Going strong since 2009.