Bubbles for Breakfast

As I mentioned in this post, I went out for breakfast earlier this week. All-you-can-eat croissants, coffee, hard-boiled eggs and fresh juices = the best way to start a day right. There even was champagne involved, but I passed on that one – even though it was 5 o’clock somewhere. Reason for this decadent morning was the fact that, 23 years ago, a friend of mine, Lindy, was born. Hooray! And as you all know the best birthday gifts to give are the ones you can enjoy too ;)

After stuffing ourselves we went on a rather impromptu shopping spree at Mango. I hadn’t visited a Mango store in quite some time, and THANK GOD I didn’t. I would be broke now if I had! I fell in love with the most amazing gold embellished dress, but the price was kinda.. let’s say unexpected. Oh well.

Here I am standing in front of the Cathedral in Antwerp, in what I like to call the outdoor pyama pants. If I have to get up early and venture out into the freezing cold to have breakfast, then I can at least wear my most comfortable pants doing it.

pants – H&M
blazer – Zara
sweater – H&M
scarf – Humanoid
shoes – Surface 2 Air

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