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Navajo Love

Pictures by Styling Dutchman

If I could wear only one pair of pants for the rest of my days, these would be it! They’re vastly becoming a hit with a lot of bloggers, and I totally understand why. The print is actually quite ugly, and that’s what I like about them. They’re loud and instantly brighten up every outfit. Last Thursday Belgian glossy Glam*It hosted its last Fashionably Late event. I’ve blogged about another Fashionably Late night before, the one at the River Island shop. Key ingredients of these memorable nights are fun people, pretty clothes, great discounts and tasty drinks. All in all everything you need for a lovely evening.

I decided to wear my new favourite pants – who am I kidding; I would sleep in them if I could. Anyways, I wasn’t the only one with that idea. Miss Merrymaker Nathalie stopped by as well, wearing the same pair of trousers, and minutes after I left the event, Cindy from Glamourblog entered the party wearing… gues what… The pants as well! So funny and interesting to see how the three of us styled them completely different. You can check Cindy’s look of the night in this post and I’m hoping/expecting to see a blogpost about Nathalie’s pair on her blog The Merrymakers.

I’m finally home for the weekend after a crazy subway- and train journey. Picture a cold night with pouring rain and some kind of almost-snow and me carrying both my suitcase and a thing that can only be described as Santa’s humongous bag – bursting with presents for my family. I made it home, and these two days are all about relaxing. Have a happy weekend!

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