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Hello friends! Let me share a recently gained insight about fashion blogging: IT’S SO HELPFUL! By capturing your outfits on a daily basis you get to know your closet and your personal style so much better. My verdict after examining the inside of my closet: where are all the colours?! I’ve never been much of a fan of bold and loud colours – at least not on myself, but when I saw this bright pink cardigan at H&M, I had to take it home. Not only did I buy it, I pushed myself to actually wearing it. Outside! So adventurous of me, right? I’m being overly dramatic here, it’s not like I’m afraid of colour, I just reach for blacks, greys and blues more easily. Anyways, I went all out and added this fluorescent yellow/lime scarf to the outfit. I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for a lot more of fun colours to add to my sartorial family. Because the thing with fashion blogging is: it might be helpful, but it MAKES YOU WANT TO SHOP A LOT MORE as well.

Only 11 days to go till Christmas – have you entered Belmodo’s crazy Christmastree give-away yet?

Wearing: cardigan – H&M
dress – Blanco.
scarf – Forever21
OTK boots – Victoria Wood

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