Burgundy & sequins

Oh how I love chunky knits! I found this cardigan at New Look and I’ve been wearing it ever since. I’m hoping to get this cardi in a green colour too. It was sold out in stores but I’m waiting for it to appear on the New Look Online Store to snag it away. One can never have enough warm, cosy cardigans, right? It’s perfect for casual chilling-at-home outfits, but can look quite festive when combined with… SEQUINS! – I LOVE SEQUINS!

Annebeth and I were having a lot of photo meet-ups right before the Christmas break. We would meet up right before class, find a somewhat suitable backdrop and shoot away. You could call it some kind of Bloggers Flash Mob and it must look really funny to passers-by, but we don’t really notice since we’re always busy laughing, joking ànd matching our nailpolishes. Here we ended up at our university library, such a beautiful place, very Harry Potter-esque.

Speaking of university and libraries and books and things, I’m going to crawl back behind my desk for another eight hours of quality time with my Film History books. Joy!

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