Coat check

*gggblmlmgbb* *crawling out under a pile of books* *puff* HI THERE! Here I am! Happy to say that, in less than a week, crazy-exams-time will be over and happy-jolly-fun-time will be back ON! I am very excited about this. Yes! My mind has been overflowing with ideas the past few days, which is a sign I need to let my creativity out as soon as I can – before my head pops like a champagne bottle. . . Some very cool events are lined up, new collections are ready to be launched, the Fashion Weeks are just around the corner,… Yes indeed, good times are coming! I will tell you much more about each and every one of them as soon as I can, but in the meanwhile you will have to put up with all my vagueness. Let’s blame it on the exams, shall we?

Remember me whining about how I was not able to shop at all during these hard times of studying? Well I’m clearly a pro since I did manage to find the time and the things to shop. Actually quite some things. I’ll showcase them in a next post if you like?

Btw, the Closet Sale is going strong, so if you see anything you like – hit me up!

Coat – Urban Outfitters
OTK boots – Victoria Wood
Scarf – F21
Bag – Rabeanco

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