Life Feed #7

I am obviously going to ignore the fact that I AM STILL STUDYING – but freedom is around the corner waiting for me to ace my final exam on Tuesday! So here’s what I’ve been up to this week:

  • I discovered I have a thing for collars.
  • And glitter shoes.
  • I re-discovered Skittles and remembered how much I dislike the purple ones (TOO many purple ones in a bag!!).
  • I turned to raw fish in times of need.
  • I went crazy at Tommy Hilfiger. Crayy-zee! More about that later.
  • I was attracted by too-small-to-put-anything-in-them shiny silver bags, hot pink coats and furry hats.
  • And to end this summary on a slightly less egocentric note: I got mommy a beautiful new bag. Because she’s mommy!

Is it sales shopping? Or sale shopping? Either way, I did quite a lot of it. As a result I shall not, will not (read: can not afford to) buy any more shoes. This month. Pinky swear!

Thanks for keeping up with my barely-interesting-due-to-exams-life and all the virtual “GO GO GO”s I get from you guys. Love!

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