A London Look

This rather uninspired title pretty much sums it up: this is one of my two London looks. Did I mention being sick right before leaving on our trip? Yes I did! I mentioned it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, in several blog posts, told it to everyone who crossed my path… The downside of being sick (besides being.. well.. sick) is that your brain doesn’t quite function the way it should be. Packing for a fashion trip while your brain’s been replaced with a dancing monkey wearing a fez (you know what I’m talking about) results in NOT PACKING VERY WELL. I threw this pair of jeans and the black blazer in my Samsonite. No tops, no pyjamas, no basics (I did pack underwear and my toothbrush, good girl).

So I did what any other girl in the same situation would’ve done: I shopped. A cheap pair of PJ’s that turned out to look more like a nurse’s uniform than the cute sleepwear I thought it would be kept me warm at night. The boots and the bag I’m wearing here are other treasures from our visit to Primark. I like how the colour matches my Zara Navajo printed pants! A pair of sunnies (Annebeth and I traded sunglasses) and a blazer were perfect for the heat in both the tube and the shops, and I threw on some cashmere and a scarf to keep me warm while walking around town.

Look at the tiles on the floor, aren’t they the coolest? I could totally see myself chilling on those stairs with a bottle of wine and a group of friends. Do people actually do that or have I just watched too many TV shows?

oversized blazer – H&M Trend
cashmere sweater – Tommy Hilfiger
white shirt – H&M
pants – Zara
scarf – Lavand
boots & satchel – Primark

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