Flowy whites & crayon brights

Hello Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here! Oh wait, wrong intro… Since I’m sick I’ve spend the last two days in bed, together with my good friends cough syrup, Kleenex and chamomile tea and a pile of dvd boxes. I also managed to catch the latest episode of Gossip Girl. What the hell is going on there? Every plot line is being played out to the bore, leaving us with a story so unbelievable and unrecognizable to what Gossip Girl was a few seasons back. Enough with the royal craziness, flat characters and weird hookups; somebody give Humphrey a haircut and bring back the high school scheming and fabulous outfits! I could talk for ages about the non-character that is Serena (she has absolutely nothing to add to the show, except for those ridiculously short sequin skirts), the I-once-was-a-boring-pretty-boy-but-now-i’m-just-a-boring-boy that is Nate and DAN’S NEW WIG HAIRDO but that’s not what you’ve signed up for, right?

On to the outfit then! Introducing my weirdest buy of 2012 yet: the white coat. Yes, white coats are pretty, and yes, a white coat makes me feel like Lily Van der Woodsen, but unlike Lily I don’t have a Rufus to drop of my dry-cleaning every day, and well, white coats do have the tendency to get dirty rather quick… Oh well. This was my back-to-school outfit, since classes have started again this weekend, and it was also my outfit to visit the brand-new-giant-ass-IKEA in Antwerp.

Whenever I know I’ll have to walk a lot I turn to my trusty converses. Annebeth just did a post about the iconic sneakers as well. They have a place in everyone’s heart, are easy, comfortable, stylish, cheap and available in every colour of the rainbow! I’m hoping to score myself some nice pastel-coloured All Stars for spring. Looking for a pair to add to your own collection? Then I suggest you check out Spartoo as they have constant sales and discounts on their Converse-items.And who doesn’t like a good discount?!

Spartoo.nl verkoopt zowel schoenen als tassen.

I’ll go crawl back into bed now, have a lot of healing to do before my little trip to London tomorrow! xo.

Coat – Zara
Cashmere sweater – Tommy Hilfiger
Knitted cardi – New Look
Pants – Mango
Sneakers – Converse
Bag – Marc by Marc Jacobs

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