Lack of colour

Zero time to talk today, life’s been moving fast! School is busier than ever and the Easter holiday is only two weeks away. Oh how I long for the times in which school holidays were actually meant to take a break from school. Now my two class-free weeks are filled with writing papers, catching up on reading, rehearsing for the exams and finally taking my drivers lessons! Yep, I confess: this 22-year old doesn’t have a driver’s license… But I’m planning on cruising down Sunset Boulevard (aka. the streets of my hometown) by the end of summer and thus before I turn 23. Fingers crossed!
Have you heard about, the city’s very own streetstyle blog? If you haven’t, click on this link RIGHTNOW and soak up some of Antwerp’s best dressed boys and girls. The masterminds behind the streetstyle blog are Helen and Lara, two of the sweetest girls I know! Lara took these pictures of me and we’ll try to meet up more in the future to shoot some of my outfits.

dress – Topshop
boots – Primark
clutch – Kirilove for Vero Moda
armswag – F21 / H&M / MBMJ

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