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Outfit: Movie Night

Yesterday I went to the movies to see Project X. If you leave out the stereotypical portrayal of American teenagers, excessive nudity and unlikable characters, Project X is actually an enjoyable little flick. Quite inspiring as well, someone I know should throw a party like that (minus the baked dog/midget/fire/riots). If you want to know what the film is all about but are too lazy to actually go see it in theatres, I suggest you read up on the – very accurate – IMDB synopsis here. With a bit of fantasy it’ll feel like you’ve seen the entire movie.

My glitter booties finally make their debut on the blog. They might be a tad too sparkly for a night at the movies, but who cares. They were sitting in my closet waiting to see the world since I first ordered them off of Urban Outfitters back in January, so I decided it was time to take them out for a spin. There’s no such thing as too many sequins, right?

In other news: I’m currently busy as a bee taking driving lessons and cruising down the streets. Things are going well and I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of my convertible with my Ray Bans on and my homey Snoop D-O-double G blasting through the stereo. Good times are coming!
blazer – Zara
shirt – H&M Trend
jeans – H&M
bag – H&M
booties – Urban Outfitters

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