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Magnum Pleasure Hunt: Forever21

It’s almost time for the Pleasure Hunt Magnum is hosting in Antwerp this Saturday. You are coming, right? If you like some extra pocket money, don’t forget to enter the competition here in order to win a shopping voucher worth €100 and a shopping date with me, my styling advise and my honest opinion. You have until 16.00 today so hurry!
With all of these great stores participating, the Pleasure Hunt is going to be awesome! I’ve introduced you to the list of participating stores and highlighted the YOUR Premium Store here, so why not share with you another one of my favourite places? If there’s still the slightest bit of doubt in your mind whether or not you and all your girlfriends should drop by the Magnum event on Saturday, knowing Forever21 is participating too should make things a lot easier!
With only two stores in Belgium, how could Forever21 not be on the list of the Antwerp Pleasure Hunt stops? Forever21 fulfils all your vestimentary needs, from sweaters and dresses over jeans and shoes. My favourite section is the jewellery. Forever21 is my saviour for when I need a low-budget bling fix! So swing by, go crazy and receive A FREE JEWEL with your purchase! Don’t forget to register first on pleasurehunt.be
Meir 42/46
2000 Antwerpen
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