Outfit: Miami Vice

Pics by Polienne 

Here are 10 pictures of me holding a cup of coffee. Oh and I’m wearing my awesome-ooo denim shirt with printed sleeves doing so. Someone should tell Zara to stop making all these pretty things, my future two generations are going to have to live off of dry bread and tap water – but hey, at least they’ll look cool doing so in my by-then-vintage Zara clothes!
Anywoosh, let’s talk serious business. As in: Finals. Studying. Freaking Out. Overdosing On Coffee. Weird things happen this time of year; I always feel most creative during exam periods. Annoying? Very! I’m stuck with all these cool ideas and no time to make them happen. But I’ll safely store them in the back of my head for now and happily dig them up once my life has returned back to its normal state, aka. 22th of June, 12 o’clock. 

Parka – H&M
Shirt – Zara
Jeans – River Island
Boots – Topshop
Bag – ALDO
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