Outfit: June gloom prevention

Pics by The Fashion Folio
wearing: blazer zara / pants shirt H&M / boat shoes River Island / bag Eastpak  
Pastels seem to score high on my wardrobe checklist these days. Does it have something to do with gloomy June that I’m dressing myself as cotton candy to prevent from getting a weather-related depression? I googled, and there is such a thing as summer depression, for which SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is the abbreviation. Double sad! Hooray, you’ve just experienced the works of an overheated enough-with-the-studying-lets-go-skydiving mind. With only two more finals to go I find it really hard to keep my focus. Oh look, a bird. Cupcakes are yum. Do vampires get aids? Where am I? Oh right. Skydiving.
In the list of things-I-forgot-to-mention-on-the-blog-that-I-should’ve-mentioned-on-the-blog-before: I dyed my hair. Or at least part of it. Why, you ask? Exams, I say. Upon seeing a pic of Ashley Tisdale I decided to visit the local punk shop and get myself some purple-ish hair dye in a jar. This one’s called Tulip by Directions. Conclusion: High School Musical is the best inspiration for life. Gotta go google Zac Efron-pics now. Bye!