Denimocrazy | Levi’s Curve ID fitting

The first brand jeans I ever bought were Levi’s. I must have been around 10 when I first got bit by the denim bug, and jeans have been a big part of my wardrobe ever since. All throughout high school I wore nothing but denim. Needless to say my closet was filled to the brim with jeans from all sorts of brands. But somehow, Levi’s have always been my faves. My love for denim’s still here but the search for the perfect fitting jeans hasn’t gotten easier through the years. So when I got invited for a personal Curve ID fitting at the Levi’s store in the Kammenstraat in Antwerp I was très excited – and curious.

The Levi’s salesgirl wrapped a few cords around me and measured the difference between my waist and the widest point of my hips. The Curve ID basically tells you which kind of model works best for your body. I’m right in between the slight and demi curve – there’s also the bold curve for women with a small waist and curvy hips. After trying on some models, I decided I liked the fit of the slight curve best. My fave pair of light washed denim is ripped to shreds after wearing them non-stop, so I was in need of a new pair. I chose a light stonewashed colour which will work perfectly for the transition into fall. This made me very happy – as pictured below.

Food and drinks were also present.

As were my favourite blogger friends! It had been a while since we all last seen each other, so obviously a lot of chatting took place.

pic instagrammed by Absolutely Mrs K.

Camo jackets were trending. That same night I went out for a few drinks and ended the night with quite the nasty fall. I smacked face-down on a slippery street and my knee’s seriously bruised up. There was blood involved. A single tear. And the immediate thought “OMG please don’t let my brand new jeans be ripped”. They weren’t. Not even a scratch (apart from the big stain of blood on the inside). Conclusion: my Levi’s are tougher than me.

The content of my Levi’s bag will be featured in lots of outfit posts to come. If you fancy a personal Curve ID fitting, don’t hesitate to stop by the Levi’s store in the Kammenstraat in Antwerp. They’ll be glad to help you find your pair of dream denim!