Life Feed | #12

Time for another peek into my personal life – it’s been way too long since I’ve last posted a Life Feed, so this one’s packed to the fullest with instagram shots. The more the merrier, n’est-ce pas?!

Sixteen Candles, Can’t Hardly Wait, Mean Girls, Weird Science, … all perfect examples of how very necessary it is to have a house party every once in a while. When one’s got a pool and a big backyard at their disposal, one better uses them. AND SO I DID. A bunch of friends, a refrigerator stocked with booze and the worst one-hit-wonders on repeat = good night.

Of course I was too busy playing event planner to snap some decent pics (it wasn’t all that alcohol! No really, it wasn’t). I was even too busy to put together a decent outfit, so I ended up welcoming the first guests in the same thing I wore pretty much the entire week: denim shorts, converse and a black top I customized that same day – How very festive! As the night proceeded I threw on a sweatshirt, took of said shirt when dancing to My Humps, traded in the shorts for black skinny’s and threw on the oldest sweater I could find. I couldn’t have cared less about what I was wearing actually, a good time was had and good times trump wardrobe sorrows any day

After the poolparty it was time for the long awaited festival frenzy. Wednesday – Thursday – Friday – Saturday –> Party at Pukkelpop. And Sunday? Coma. I went all gangsta for Snoop, acted a fool at the Chase & Status gig and danced as if it wasn’t a thousand degrees (it was.). I had the best time but it all flew by soooo quickly. Ahh festival summer, come back to me.
In between the parties there were lots of meet-ups, lunches and general fun moments – and a few sad ones, like saying goodbye to a friend who’s moving to Finland for a few months. I can’t believe it’s September already – luckily classes don’t start until the first of October. Ahh the perks of being in your Masters year #brag.

My august looks – check them out here. A lot of nature going on in the background. GO GREEN.

Care to get even more insta-updates on my ever so excited life (/sarc)? @eln_m is the name, Instagram is the game. (/rhyme)

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