Marc by Marc Jacobs | Brussels Store Opening

You can’t imagine how long I’ve been waiting for our own Marc by Marc Jacobs shop in this little country. “Beyond excited” was the emotion I felt when rumors first started spreading of a MBMJ store in Brussels, followed by “thrilled to the bone” when said rumors were actually confirmed. My patience was tested when the launch of the store got kicked back a full year but last Friday it was finally happening: I got to set foot in Mister Marc’s little paradise, right here in Brussels.
My favourite item? The ‘Katie’, an amazing box bag that can be carried in different ways. Love the hot pink version, the price tag not so much. (pic below by Jak&Jilget it here)
The collection of bags left little to the imagination, but I was kind of disappointed with the overall selection of items in the store. After having waited such a long time and with that, building up my expectations, I wasn’t as blown away as I thought I would be. No extensive array of lovely MBMJ sneakers wedges and the supposedly Bookmarc – the first real MBMJ bookstore to open in Europe – was nothing more than a corner with as little as 7 different books. This might change as my visit was actually on the day before the real opening, so I hope there’s still a lot of stock yet to come. Let’s just take this as yet another reason to plan my next visit to the Marc by Marc Jacobs Brussels store ;)
As always, I had the best of times with my blog colleagues. Laughing about the most random things, taking pictures of ourselves in mirrors and stuffing our faces at McDo afterwards, #goodtimes. Oh and yes, that’s me carrying a MBMJ shopping bag. You didn’t think I could walk out of Mister Marc’s store without damaging my credit card, now did you? I’ll show my new buy in an outfit post to come, and I might pair it with my new Marc by Marc Jacobs watch that I got a few weeks ago. As you may recall, I have a thing for Marc’s timepieces.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Brussels
Rue Antoine Dansaert, 90
1000 Brussels