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Silver Glitter Vans & Black and White

Simple days call for simple outfits. I’m kinda focused on schoolwork at the moment and so the uni library is where I spend most of my days. Chillin’ out maxin’, relaxin’ all cool, and shooting some b-ball outside of school – oh wait, wrong theme song. ANYWAYS, yeah so simple outfit, if it weren’t for my awesome sparkly shoes. They leave a trail of silver glitter everywhere I go, véry Hansel and Gretel.  

I’m wearing: black blazer (similar here), silver clutch (similar here) and white shirt (similar here) from H&M, cross necklace by asos (here) and inital necklace from Primark LDN, leather skirt from Primark Liège (similar here), Ray Ban wayfarers and sparkly glitzy Vans from Zalando. Pics by Miss Polienne.