Best of 2012 | Beauty

Kiehls Lip Balm #1 
Love. Love. Love. This product is relatively new in my daily routine, but I’ve been using it all. the. time. I apply this every night before going to sleep, and re-apply it when I’m out during the day. Cold winter days make my lips all sad, flaky and dry, but this lip balm by Kiehls protects them from every wintery circumstance.

Diorskin Nude BB crème 
Another new but essential addition to my make-up routine: the Diorskin BB crème will be for sale from January 2013, but I’ve had the pleasure of testing the product throughout December. My skin tends to get dry and prone to flakiness in the winter, and then a heavy foundation isn’t always the best idea. Enter the BB crème, or the Nude Glow Skin-Perfecting Beauty Balm. A mouthful, yes, but it also does what it promises! This product leaves a translucent shimmer on my skin, hydrates and protects against the sunlight. It’ll be available in three different shades, which easily adjust to your own skin tone. At €44 for 30 ml, this BB crème is not as cheap as other beauty balms from other brands, but if you’ve got some money to spend, this one’s totally worth it.

Oenobiol Hair & Nails 
After having to take prescription drugs for the first half of last year, I noticed my hair got more brittle and prone to falling out. I’m super attached to my hair (not only because it’s attached to my head – no no, this thing between me and my hair goes way deeper – emotional even!) so I went looking for a solution to keep my hair and head happy. A lot of you recommended the Oenobiol hair treatment to me on twitter, so I went for it. I’ve been using the Oenobiol Hair Strengthening treatment for little over a month now, and since it’s a three-month thing, I can’t really say anything about it yet. My hair and nails do look stronger already – whether I’m imagining it or it’s actually happening, I’ll let you know in two months’ time. 
Remington Keratin Therapy Straightener 
I don’t usually straighten my hair a lot, but when I do, I do it with this pretty little guy. This Remington Keratin Therapy flat iron makes my hair all glossy and straight. And the best thing about it is that I can also use it to create pretty flowy curls. It took me a bit of practice – and probably some burnt hairs – but I’ve finally managed to curl my hair salon-style. The curls made with the flat iron last way longer than those I make with a curling wand – they also look less defined, more beach-wavy, which I like!
Aussie Hair Miracle 
My favourite hair products of 2012 and I’m sure they will be in 2013 as well. These smell divine and leave my hair softer-than-soft. The left bottle is the 3 Minute Miracle, a deep conditioner for damaged hair. Wash hair, apply this miracle man, soak up the gorgeous smell for 3 minutes and wash out. Happy hair as a result! The second product is a leave-in conditioner spray, perfect for when you don’t have enough time to apply the mask. Spray, spray, and your hair is easily manageable and smells heavenly. I bought these products at a Boots in London, and I’m not sure if Aussie is available in Belgium – beauty bloggers to the rescue? If not, I‘ll just have to book myself another trip to London to stock up on these. They’re worth it!

What was your favourite beauty discovery of 2012? Are you familiar with my favourites? Let me know below!