Printed Jeans Confessions

Printed Jeans Confessions

Confession: I have a thing for printed pants. Whether they’re floral (here – here), animal printed (here), Navajo (here – here), brocade (here) or zig-zagged (here): if they’re printed, I’m buying. I seem to be most attracted to the weird, almost ugly-like prints such as my new addition from H&M Trend. Not sure how to call this pattern – it looks like colour fluid drifting in water or something, but it might also be some abstract interpretation of the camo trend, or some swamp in a rainforest somewhere. Who knows, who cares? I like the colours and the cut, and a pair of statement trousers paired with simple items is exactly what my mid-exam fashion brain needs.
I’m wearing printed jeans from the H&M Trend department, LDN shirt by Illustrated People, cardi and hat from H&M, bag by Balenciaga and booties by Betty London via Spartoo schoenen (on sale now!). Pic by The Fashion Folio.

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