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Santa Claus Came to Town

Happy holidays lovers! I hope you’ve all had a lovely time, spent in the comfort of family and friends, joy and laughter. We sure did – the annual Christmas Eve party at my mom’s is becoming a tradition, along with the crazy gifts, happy tummies and alcohol-induced banter. It’s always merry to get together to share meals and thoughts, come up with catchphrases and have a drink. Jolly good times! 

The dinner table, around which most of the fun took place, started out being lovely decorated – but quickly turned into a great chaotic mess after the first presents were unwrapped and the first few drinks were spilled. Mom’s boyfriend went all Tom Cruise in Cocktail and made Cointreaupolitans – which just so happens to be my favourite cocktail.

I totally forgot to take proper pictures of the food because, well, I was too busy eating. We started off with champagne and appetizers (salmon/cream cheese wrap, dim sum and tuna towers), followed by mommy’s homemade tomato cream soup, a main course of turkey or roast and finished off with tiramisu and ice-cream. Quite the meal, so I gave everyone an Oenobiol capsule right before dinner. The Oenobiol Topslim Liporeducer is a pill that absorbs the fat you consume and thus helps you to control your weight. Perfect for the Holidays aka. binge-eating-fest. /end of commercial break.

Prezzies! I opted for the easy way out this year, and ordered almost everything online. Urban Outfitters is definitely my go-to place for cheeky presents. Moustache- or Boo-themed iPhone covers, retro Pac-Man magnets, notebooks and booze, albeit in bottles or in a pretty hip flask, I ordered it all.

Bro-bro was extremely happy with his new fluffy Boo cover – although he tries his very best to hide his enthusiasm in these pictures. Mommy got (amongst other things) sticky moustaches to mark whose glass is whose and a very aptly pair of PJ’s (angry bird enthusiast right here). Weird presents ftw!

When I opened the present my stepsister Ann-Sophie got for me, I was like: Oh cool, a notebook, I like notebooks. But then I went: AHMAGAD WAIT IS THAT.. ME?? WHY YES IT IS ME! COOLEST PRESENT EVER. This talented wunderkind drew me holding my Balenciaga and a Starbucks coffee, and a Labrador pup sitting in a sea of handbags with the name of the blog above it. So cute, so cool, so pretty! Thanks Ann-So!

I wore things – but didn’t take pictures of them. Except for these mirror-pics: I’m wearing this velvet dark blue dress, these French Connection pumps (they’re now on sale on Spartoo schoenen!) and my hair in a curly ponytail. Simple, but chique. The party went on long after midnight (drinking games, really) but I cosied up on the sofa with a glass of white wine and Christmas boy Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone 2. A lovely ending to a lovely night.