The Geek Chique Theory

As an avid viewer of The Big Bang Theory I’m always eagerly awaiting the latest episode (every Friday morning my prayers are answered and I spent 20 minutes of quality time in bed with the four cutest scientists of Caltech). Besides watching because of the hilarious one-liners, the awkward mess that is Shamy and the numerous attempts of Raj to come out of the closet, I’m always keen to see what the boys are wearing (yep the boys, the girls on the show have the worst style). Since making collages is my idea of fun, here are a few inspired by.. uhm.. knowledge. Le geek, c’est chique!
Now here’s a parka Leonard would totally wear. Dr. Hofstadder consistently wears his green hooded parka whenever out the door, but this Marc by Marc Jacobs one could be a nice replacement. The chemistry sweater by Tee and Cake is beyond cool because not only does it refer to chemistry (…), it also glows . in . the . dark. Classy! Throw in some good old tech gadgets (casio and retro iPhone case) and you’re good to go.
Geek chique or just plain 14-year old Tumblr hipster? Not quite sure, but I do like the bold Star Wars reference and soft pastels. The nerd glasses were a big hit amongst virtually everyone who did not need to wear glasses and true nerds probably switched to other frames ages ago, but I threw them in just for the sake of it. I actually wouldn’t mind wearing this outfit to class (sporting Princess Leia in a classroom full of male cineasts = bonus points guaranteed).
I feel this is something a female and fashion minded Howard – Howie – Wolowitz would wear. This Big Bang Theorist compensates his lack of Ph.D’s with bold colour-coordinated ensembles. Buttoned-up plaid is his weak spot, so I opted for these Gucci slacks and a silver Philip Lim collar to layer over bright cashmere. Shiny loafers and silver satchel (very space-appropriate) finish off this “geek chique” look.
Tuditudituditudi Batmaaaan! Of course last season’s Phillip Lim is the perfect collection to wear to your weekly comic book club meetings. Ka-pow!

Coming up next: my personal take on Geek Chique – that’s right, an outfit post wherein I’m channeling my inner Sheldon Cooper. Bazinga!

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