What’s in my bag? Alternate title: shit I probably don’t need but still carry around all day and night.

What’s in my bag? Alternate title: shit I probably don’t need but still carry around all day and night.

The day bag: 
Even though the bag I choose to carry along depends on the outfit I’m wearing and thus varies from day to day, I find myself mostly toting around Mr. Balenciaga. Can you blame me? The colour basically matches everything in my closet, and I just love the way the bag finally broke in. Butter soft leather and the perfect amount of ‘slouch’ make this my fave bag. It’s very roomy so I can throw in a lot of crap – this crap: Lovely purse with London print I picked up at Topshop last February – good value & good memories. / bike pass for those cute little loan bikes in Antwerp in a patent pink cover from H&M / business cards from Moo.com, a total recommendation for printwork / Moleskine planner also known as my second brain / cute Hema pen to jot down ideas / Music maestro: my favourite denim headphones by Urbanears and the newest kid on the block: the X-mini, a little ball of sound to attach to your phone, tablet, computer, whatevs. I use this constantly, wheter I’m behind my computer, taking a shower or cooking dinner. Just plug it in your phone, press play and start dancing! iPhone which is currently rocking the best cover ever – of course, it’s about London – I got this case from Iconemesis, an awesome online store with the prettiest artzy iPhone cases for your 4/4S. Covers for the new iPhone 5 are on their way / make-up: YSL touche éclat, for quick touch-ups, moisturising Topshop lipstick in the colour innocent and Kiehls Lip Balm #1 / heart-shaped mirror from Marc by Marc Jacobs / lots of hair bands – losing all the hair bands I’ll ever own is the only certainty in life / tissues – I suffer from a perpetual cold and am thus eternally bound to tissues. Yep, we’re getting to know each other here / house keys on See by Chloe key chain. And yeah, I shop at AH / a bottle of water – stay hydrated kids!

The night bag: 
Smaller, preferably with a long handle so I’m able to wear it cross-body – this type of bag accompanies me on nights at the pub or when I’m attending a party. Not having to carry something in your hands makes it so much easier to dance dance dance, right? This is a leather one from Vila. What’s inside? Mainly just the essentials: Secrid citywallet, the perfect alternative for your daytime wallet. My wallet really big and full of cards I don’t need at night, so when I go out I transfer the essentials –ID, bike pass and credit cards – into this handy little fella. The lovely leather reptile design makes this one easy on the eyes, but the aluminum case inside also protects your cards from skimming and breaking / Cute owl case from H&M with my Olympus point-and-shoot inside, a small and crappy camera, perfect for capturing crazy nights / again my fave Kiehls lip balm – gotta have chapstick / tissues and hair ties, for reasons mentioned above / keys, obvs.

There are a few things missing (sunnies, my Olympus Pen, mittens, beanie, chewing gum, books, …) – I actually carry around way more than pictured above. Ah well, girls will be girls. What are your bag must-haves?

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