Magnolia Tree

You know those garments you’ve had laying around for ages, but never really could incorporate in a “success!-this-actually-looks-okay”-outfit? This oversized sweater is at the top of that list! Or it was, up to the day that I grabbed it from the dark, scary, endless back of my closet. I mainly went with it because of its colour – a nice match with the greyish khaki of the skirt, as opposed to its fit – overly oversized. But as it turns out, it’s probably the boxy shape that makes me like this outfit as much as I do. Combined with the delicate satin-esque fabric, this sturdy sweater actually works. And they lived happily ever after. The end. 
I’m wearing: boxy sweater whose fit I didn’t particularly cared for but am totally smitten by now from H&M Trend, as are the sunnies. Satin skirt found at Pull&Bear, green boxy bag from Rabeanco, silver heels from H&M’s current collection. Pics by Polienne.

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