I’ve said this before – and I’ll say it again: working out is important. For some reason, be it that I haven’t been bit with the sports bug at an early stage in life, haven’t really found a sport I’m passionate about or am just plain lazy and pro at making up excuses that allow me to stay in, I am just not the sporty type. For the past years, the closest I’ve come to actual sports is the numerous times I am being forced to watch a soccer game with my boyfriend. I love dressing comfy-sporty, I am a sucker for sneakers and I do happen to know all of the players in FC Barca’s first team, with the most trivial facts about Lionel Messi to top it all off. But like I said, engaging in actual sportive behaviour hasn’t been my strong suit. I went on the occasional run and my roommates found me more than once face down on the floor, mimicking the moves of the over-enthusiast 8 Minute Abs guy, but my good intentions never lasted long.
On one particular day I received an email from a Kellogg’s spokesperson regarding their #changeforthebetter campaign, which entails empowering people all over the world to make a change for, well, the better. People are encouraged to make a pledge and work towards it. The change has to benefit only the change-maker him- or herself, and can vary from eating healthy to working out to even hiring a personal stylist (i’m free for hire!). I’m not one to turn down a challenge, so I immediately saw this as the perfect opportunity to finally get a bit of exercise done. I’ll be documenting my steps towards the change (= a healthy lifestyle) in blog posts, and I’m encouraging you guys to do the same. I know myself and my short attention span when it comes to everything sporty, so I can definitely use your help and support.

You might know Kellogg’s of their ‘Drop a Dress Size in 2 Weeks-programmes’ as advertised on their boxes of Special K cereal, but they are changing their ways for the better as well. Special K realises that ongoing shape management is a sustainable approach to staying healthy. Originally 2 grains, the new cereal now contains 3, making it whole grain. The product contains rice, wheat and barley making it the perfect nutritional balance to start your day. The Special K products by Kellogg’s want to encourage women regardless of their size, and want them to create a community that supports one another, to become the very best version of themselves that they can be. Sounds nice, huh? It’s not all about the ‘perfect’ size (what is that anyways?) but about gaining and holding on to a certain amount of confidence – in my eyes the key to beauty. 
Much like Special K’s new change, my goal has nothing to do with weight loss. It’s merely a challenge I set up for myself, and I’m really curious to find out if and how the community we’ll create here will help me reach my goal. What can you expect of  my series of #changeforthebetter posts on Dogs and Dresses? Work-out routines, healthy and tasty meals, a juice detox and the general trials and tribulations that I’ll surely encounter in order to reach my goal. Don’t worry about me spamming you with certain brands and products, because I won’t. This is an honest and authentic journey, and that’s exactly the way I’ll be reporting it.
My #changeforthebetter starts now. Who’s with me?   

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