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A day later than planned – might have celebrated a tad too hard – but here is the full outfit featured in the previous post.

I had planned on wearing this outfit during last night’s party, but then summer came back around and I had to rethink my sartorial decisions. What I ended up wearing was nowhere near as fun as this sequin sweater – I’m in love with it – but who cares about clothes when there’s a good time to be had? #priorities. I’ll share the back-up outfit in one of my next blog posts, but for now you get this glitzy, sparkly, shimmery one.

I’m wearing a Filles a Papa green sequin sweater, patchwork denim from H&M, electric blue pumps by Mellow Yellow and Balenciaga city with Essentiel keychain. Rings from H&M and nail polish by Essie. Pics by Polienne.

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