Webshop in Review | Showroom86

Time to share yet another one of my favourite online shopping spots! Meet Showroom86, the go-to place for everything from casual items to more dressy attire. With brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Pepe Jeans and Maison Scotch for the ladies, Scotch & Soda, Hackett London and Arrow for the gents and the adorable R’Belle and Scotch Shrunk for the little ones, this is a one-stop shopping heaven for the entire family. I’m not thinking about expanding my family anytime soon, but adding a little something to your own wardrobe is always fun, so I went and tested everything about the online shop to share with you guys. Here are all the deets on this virtual showroom slash shopping paradise.
 Showroom86 on dogsanddresses.com

Showroom86 is part of the GAB group, the official Belgian distributor of Scotch & Soda, Tommy Hilfiger, Pepe Jeans, Karl Lagerfeld, Agent Provocateur, Lancel and a few more interesting fashion-names. So that’s why you’ll only find these brands on the online shop. But don’t let the somewhat small selection of brands fool you: Showroom86 has a great selection of items to browse through! I myself am totally infatuated with Maison Scotch (like I mentioned before), so I immediately clicked through to the collection. After a lot of aahh-ing and ooohh-ing, I finally concluded on what to click into my shopping tote: 
  • One great pair of black jeans with amazing leather details to add a few badass vibes into any outfit – The Parisienne Plus. (shop here
  • One lovely tapestry-like floral tuxedo blazer that is sure to amp up any jeans-and-a-t-shirt ensemble (shop here
  • One awesomely cool khaki jacket with leather sleeves and amazing details – biker meets military, and I’m loving it! This is a keeper for years to come. (shop here
About the service: it’s really good! Shipping is free on all orders within Belgium and Luxembourg and if you happen to order the wrong size or have second thoughts about your order you can return the items without any hassle through Kiala, free of charge.

I am more than excited about my new purchases and can’t wait to style them into various outfits – you’ll see the more elaborate outfit posts pop up on Dogs and Dresses soon! Are you familiar with Showroom86? Please do share your favourite pieces, experiences and thoughts! Oh and happy shopping!