Chanel Le Volume Khaki Bronze

Chanel Le Volume Khaki Bronze

The winged black eyeliner is an ultimate classic when it comes to make-up looks, and I embraced the style for many years – but the thick black line can be quite harsh if you have fair skin, light lashes and when there’s no sun around to give you some much needed sun-kissed shimmer. Going to the tanning salon isn’t something I particularly enjoy, so I decided to change the beauty products I work with on a day to day basis. Exit black eye pencil, black liquid eye liner and black mascara and hi there warm brown shades. I went for a hazelnutty pencil and liner found at the drugstore, but decided to splurge on a good mascara. The Le Volume mascara from Chanel is one that comes highly recommended, so when I found out about the Khaki Bronze colour, I had to have it. When applied, it’s much softer than your regular blacks, but still elongates, creating thick lashes and wide, bright eyes. At around €29, this mascara doesn’t come cheap, but it’s a great colour to invest in – and since it’s a limited edition, you better stock up on this one!

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