Last-Minute Halloween Outfit Inspiration

Happy Halloween pumpkins! Are you curling up in front of the telly to watch the scariest of scary movies tonight, or are you and your friends going all out at a Halloween party? Either way, this celebration is so much better when dressed the part! If you are, just like me, too busy/lazy to have done elaborate outfit prepping for tonight, here are a few ideas to still get into Halloween character, with clothes you’ll probably already have in your closet! 

The Pumpkin

Nothing screams Halloween more than pumpkins, right? Instead of just carving one out and putting them on your front porch, you’ll be the pumpkin. Find your orange top at New Look or on the Urban Outfitters website, pair it with a black balloon skirt, bright orange lipstick, long black nails and this very fitting Asos pumpkin bag.

The Cat Woman

Scratch that: nothing screams Halloween more than the slutty cat woman. One of the many things Mean Girls thought us, is that dress up parties are just an excuse to dress up slutty. But who said the cat woman can’t be done classy? A prim black playsuit, Charlotte Olympia cat flats, thick faux lashes and designer cat eye shades will do the trick – and don’t forget to add cat ears and whiskers! Meow.

The Lindsay

Well on its way in becoming a traditional costume: The Lindsay Lohan. Fetch your thightest dress, highest of heels and thickest of fur coats, grab a shimmery clutch and bottle of Jack and maximize your assets with tons of lip plump. Dye your long locks red or just wear a wig et voilà, ready to scare.

The Heisenberg

I am the one who knocks! I finally jumped on the Breaking Bad train (better late than never) and became instantly hooked on the show. I catched up on every episode in a matter of weeks, so now there’s a big Jesse-shaped hole in my heart. Let’s try to fill it up by turning into old man Heisenberg this Halloween. A black hat, shades and moustache should do the trick, but the plaid shirt, windbreaker and beige pants round it all up. Don’t forget about the party treats: little bags of blue meth!

I look forward to hearing about your super creative costume ideas and wish you all an extremely frightening night!

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