My JusJus Detox Experience

Friday morning, 9 AM. The sweet melodies of my phone alarm (marimba, what else?) fill my bedroom and cause me to open my eyes. I instantly think of the challenge that lies ahead: 24 hours without food. 24 hours without sugar. 24 hours without coffee. I try to tell myself that it won’t be that hard – I never eat before noon, and on work days I hardly have a decent meal before dinnertime. Okay, so the without food-part might not be the biggest obstacle, but the sans sugar and no coffee parts are going to be challenging for sure.
Right after showering I pour some hot water down my throat. I always start my mornings with a cup of coffee the size of Russia, but since caffeine is not allowed, a glass of hot water is the next best thing. Right? I hesitantly reach for the first juice that had been hiding in my refrigerator since the night before. Its name? Green Day. Its colour? Green. Its content? Green stuff (spinach, broccoli, courgette, …).

My first thought about Green Day upon opening the bottle: Ehhm, you smell… green. My first thought after tasting Green Day: hey you are surprisingly tasty! I somehow expected the juices to be thick and lumpy (which is due to my own previous –pathetic– attempts at blending greens) but they aren’t at all. My first liquid meal of the day goes down rather easy – it took me an hour to finish it, and I drank it whilst getting ready for work. Oh yeah, I didn’t schedule my detox on a day off like any normal person would have – there’s work to be done and I hope I won’t lose my mind!

It’s almost noon when I start thinking about my next meal, err I mean juice. The Pineapple Mojito has me dreaming away, thinking of sandy beaches and a burning sun, but instead I’m secretly sipping my juice in between helping customers. This one is my favourite juice – and unfortunately it stays that way throughout the day. The next juices on my bottle list are The Hulk – as green and scary as it sounds!, Skinny G (can’t deal with the grapefruit, so not my thing) and Heartbeet (which did not made my heart beat any faster).

My mom drops by at work and since I can’t have any actual lunch, we decide to have a drink on a terrace. I order a flat water and alternate between my juice and my drink. I become rapidly fed up with the taste of The Hulk and have to wash down my sips of green with a gallon of water. Suffice to say I’m not the most pleasant company at this point. As the hours pass, my appetite for something sweet only increases. ‘I want candy‘ is my anthem of the day and everywhere I go I am being confronted with food. I cave and munch on one (tiny, I swear) sweetie and am instantly punished with a crazy headache. Thanks karma!

When walking back to my car around 7PM, all I can see are the numerous restaurants, sandwich bars and kebab places the city centre holds – places of pure evil that awaken some sort of crazy angry monster inside of me – If I can’t have food, than no one can. My miserable hungery self drags herself into the car and I drive to my boyfriend’s place with even more road rage than I usually hold within me.

Plan for the evening? A cosy night in! Watch telly, snuggle and casually eat an entire truckload of food – or not? While I watch Astrid and De Lau visit Whole Foods and throw all kinds of deliciously looking food in their shopping cart, I sip on my Almond Joy and am glad this day is almost over. I add two paracetamols to my food intake and call it a day.

I actually liked some of the juices and will be doing another juice detox in the future, but I’ll make sure to plan it on a day off – no work, no social activities, just me, myself and I, all alone on the couch!

This detox trial is part of my #changeforthebetter challenge and was kindly provided to me by the people behind JusJus – a brand new raw juice concept which offers detoxes and juice cleanses as well as delicious organic juices to enjoy. Find all the information about their juices and cleanses on their website.