The Bigger, The Better: How to Wear the Maison Scotch Fake Fur

Big chunky furry vests are oh-so-cosy, but also tricky to combine. The one I’m wearing here is probably the most giant piece of clothing to ever appear in my closet, and I can feel pretty overwhelmed when wearing it. I tend to wear the fake fur dressed down because of its natural showstopping capacity, but turns out you don’t always need to go for the plain white tee/denim look when working with a bold furry coat. Sometimes, bold is better! Pair that fur with plaid, heels, burgundy and sequins for an urban / chique / casual look.

Are you digging the fake fur? Which one is your favourite combination and how do you wear your own furry little friends? Fake fur by Maison Scotch (a/w13).

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