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  • On the Move with C&A

    My recent visit to Paris was all about one certain brand: C&A. A bunch of bloggers came together to discover the reopening of the Parisian flagship store – think bright, roomy, and ecofriendly. Dear C&A, Dogs and Dresses approves! I shopped together an entire outfit (and then some) to show you exactly what C&A is […]

  • Place des Martyrs

    Huge furry coats, hot pumpkin spice lattes and early nights in.. Even though I love myself some sunshine and tropical cocktails, I truly enjoy this typical November time, when the air is crisp and you’re still happy to take out those winter coats again. My mental state may like the cold, but my body sure […]

  • Wardrobe Shakeups for Winter

    There’s always a certain conundrum that pops up every time the holidays come around, and that’s trying to balance the utilitarian with the fabulous. Especially for people having to work from 9 to 5, it’s always a battle between trying to look their best and making sure they don’t end up with their death of […]

  • Packing Potential

    I’ve said it over and over again – packing is not my strong suit. For whatever reason, I always go by the mantra of light packing. Travel light, worry less… not. There’s nothing comforting about traveling with just one extra outfit, because you’ll never know when you’ll have to attend a spur-of-the-moment event, experience a […]

  • AstroNautical (because I’m wearing Silver and Stripes)

    A lot has been on my mind – from headaches and a throat infection to more pleasant things like a cool charity project we’re working on and not one but two exciting blog trips abroad – in fact, as you’re reading this I’m either on a Thalys train, roaming the rue Saint-Honoré or enjoying my […]

  • Waves! with the Remington Silk Ultimate Styler

    Want to meet the holy grail of perfect and longlasting curls? Say hello to the Remington Silk Ultimate Styler, a 4 in 1 tool that creates smooth locks, medium and loose curls and waves. Today I’ll guide you through the path of perfect wavy hair – one step at a time. Ready? Let’s go!   […]

  • Blogging & the Boyfriend

    Blogging and boyfriends… Boyfriend-inspired apparel is present on just about every fashion blog you click on – from boyfriend jeans over dress shirts and oversized sweaters. But how do the actual boyfriends feel about the whole business of blogging? What’s their view on the hours of scrolling through blogs, wandering on websites and pinning every […]

  • Warm and Comfy on Remembrance Day

    Finally wearing a few of my newest items but I chose to combine them with a few golden oldies in my closet. The black skinnies and huge blanket/scarf are still fall favourites and they make a great base for the other pieces: the dark blue cable knit that is actually a sweater dress, the burgundy […]

  • Denim Devotee: Levi’s Revel

    I love myself a good pair of jeans as they can be styled in so many different ways, but coming across the perfect pair of denim pants isn’t always an easy journey. I have a closet full of jeans, but notice that I always go for the same two or three pairs. The ones I […]

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