Designer Dreams Fulfilled at Roermond Outlet

Ask me to visit an outlet and I’ll probably say yes. Ask me to visit Roermond Designer Outlet and I’ll jump up and down while shouting affirmative catchwords. It took some time but I finally managed to visit this gigantic designer outlet paradise, and I can definitely call my visit an experience to remember!

I take my designer dreams very serious, and that’s why I did some extensive research before being picked up by a town car which dropped us off in front of the entrance about 50 minutes after departure. Roermond Outlet offers a wide array of different shops, from the high-end designer likes of Prada, Burberry, Mulberry and Ralph Lauren over Michael Kors and Filippa K to Vans, Nike and Converse. During a quick tour around the village it was hard for me to not sprint straight to Mulberry, pick up all the bags I could carry and make a run for it – you see, I’ve always had a penchant for their bags, and this was actually my first time to set foot in one of their stores. The sales ladies were incredibly friendly, gave their honest advice and let me try on as many bags as I wanted. Before splurging and spending a serious amount of cash, I had to think straight, and so we headed to the recently re-opened Prada shop to clear our minds. Little did we know things would only get harder when walking into this Italian shopping Walhalla. No pics were allowed inside, but the store was spacious and filled with shiny Prada (and a small selection of MiuMiu) goodness.

You are probably wondering about the outlet prices of these designer goods – I know I would want to know beforehand (so I googled, but didn’t really find much). Time for the big reveal! At Prada, most big bags go for around €590 while the Mulberry Alexa’s range from 750 up to 1200 for the more special designs (leopard, holographic, floral!). A pair of black Prada pumps will set you back around 260 euros and leopard Mulberry heels are yours for €180.
I kept thinking about an oversized Alexa in petrol snake skin which caught my eye from the moment I walked into the store. I went back and forth trying to decide whether or not I should take out the credit card (30% discount or not, it’s still a lot of money!), and then something unexpected happened: I spotted the perfect black, timeless bag and I just WENT. FOR. IT.

I can’t wait to introduce my new baby on the blog – thanks so much for the great afternoon Designer Outlet Roermond and the lovely company and professional advice of fellow serial shoppers Joyce, Yara, Paulien, Jonas and Ibe. I’ll be back soon, and I highly recommend you visiting the outlet rather sooner than later. There’s damage to be done! ;)

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