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    A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away – or just what I wore a couple of days ago, standing in front of an apartment building in my home town. Taking a few classic key items (blazer / jeans / handbag) and pairing them with a funky, out-there sweater (basically every design on [...]

    TAG, you’re it! It was with great enjoyment that I started reading the Eleven Things You Didn't Know About Me post on Afrodite's blog The Fashion Folio. Turns out she tagged me at the end of the article, urging me to get in on the fun and share my own eleven things. So here I [...]

    Again with the crème boyfriend coat – I’m being a repeat offender, I know, but it’s just that I like this coat so much! It’s super versatile, perfect for the unusual warm winter we’ve been experiencing, and it secretly makes me feel like Lily Vanderwoodsen! (that’s a gossip girl reference – I’ve been having a [...]
  • Slip-on Sneakers

    They’ve been around for a season or three now, but are hotter than ever. They score high on the comfy scale and are the answer to the question: “after the sneaker wedge, what’s next?”. The slip-ons, no-laces trainers with a thick sole on the bottom and a preferably fun print on top, are the next [...]
  • The Business of Blogging

    The keepings of a blog can be hard work, especially if you want to stand out in the sea of bloggers and are looking to score some high-profile collaborations. These collabs can improve your readership as well as your reputation, and are of great value when building your blog portfolio. Over the years I gained [...]

    Forget about poofball dresses that’ll make you look like an overfrosted cupcake and most certainly do not turn to the contestants of Toddlers and Tiara’s for style inspiration. Classy parties ask for classy attire – which is exactly the case with Prom Night Hasselt 2014. This formal ball, hosted in Versuz, aka one of Belgium’s [...]

    Powdery pink dresses and long furry vests – I can be such a girl sometimes! Even though the pants/sweater combo is my solution for most days, it can be fun to change it up and go for a girly pink dress. This one’s from Boohoo and will look its best combined with bare legs and [...]
  • Sundays with UGG Australia

    Sundays were made for doing absolutely nothing. I have a few busy (and perhaps even life-changing) couple of weeks coming up, and so I happily dedicate my Sundays to resting up and getting totally re-energized for a new work week.  The perfect Sunday starts with sleeping in late and waking up in fresh, crisp white [...]
  • Run like a Cheetah

    Online shopping: my field of expertise. We’ve talked about the magical place that is Zalando before, but let me fill you in on my most recent shopping spree on this online shopping destination. For the record, the PR team over at Zalando asked me to discover their online shop first-hand, and I gladly share my [...]
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