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Most women spend some time preparing for their evening out on the town. This preparation may include facial treatments, hair styling, manicures or even pedicures. Although one aspect that all women must consider is choosing an outfit to wear. What to select will depend entirely on the dress code of the venue they are attending. One place that will have a specific dress requirement is a casino. Most casinos are similar in that they require their evening guests to dress in a style known as smart casual
A pretty outfit is a necessity as well as knowing the game. You can find many games online to practise, there are even Girls with Guns slots that you can find very entertaining! Back to outfits now. Smart casual really is a broad term and most women have enough items within their closet to create several smart casual outfits many times over. Women may choose to wear slacks to the casino. Slacks today come in a variety of styles, fabrics and colours. Just about any type works well to wear for an evening out. The key to pulling them off is what a woman puts with them. The dressier the fabric of the slacks, the more casual one of the other garments can be. However, if the slacks are on the casual side, think of chinos, then dressier items will be needed. Putting a blazer with the outfit is a great look for the evening and can be further feminized with a lovely brooch or a colourful scarf. There are really numerous options. 
 Some women prefer wearing a skirt over slacks when having a casino night. Really any skirt can work as long as it is balanced with other garments. One caution with skirts though is to make sure they are of a tasteful length. Some casinos have dress code rules and if a woman is wearing a micro mini, they may not be allowed in the casino. Generally the skirt should be no shorter than 10 inches in length.
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