Ahh, the end of yet another week. I’m currently stuck in a Sundaze and loooving every minute of it! So let’s take a look at 5 things that kept me busy the past days…

#OOTD // My precious! After trying it on numerous times and making yes/no lists, I finally went for it and bought this amazing minty coat. It’s the perfect summer coat, with a great oval shape, a slight shimmer in the fabric and a hefty amount of chique. Mint, light blue, seafoam… Whatever you want to call it, this is my top shade for the season.

IN THE AIR // Anaïs Anaïs, and the new fragrance Premier Délice in particular. Dogs and Dresses has teamed up with Anaïs Anaïs to take you through the perfume’s universe! More about this supercool project tomorrow morning.

ON MY FEET // I introduced you to these slip-ons in my Zalando post, and you all seem to like them a lot. I do to! A smile appears on my face whenever I look down at my feet. Roaaaar.

IN THE CLOSET // Another new addition: this lovely tee by Dutch brand Amator. Simple tee’s are a constant in my wardrobe, and this will fit in just fine.

IN MY TUMMY // Mista Mista in Hasselt has quickly become one of my favourite spots for lunch. Their blue-chaired terrace proved to be the perfect hang-out for the past couple of sunny days. Order a customized pasta (my favourite? Salmon, tomatos and rucola!) or go for a sandwich. I highly recommend the Mista Chicken. Yum!

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