For quite some time I thought I had finally managed to keep my grey crewneck cravings in check. No longer was I a victim of the soft and comfy sweater, no longer was there a trail of sweatshirts giving away the exact location of my closet. I wore grey crewnecks on the job and on my day off, while boarding a plane, discovering a city, pining away in the uni library and on cold nights in bed. I wore plain grey ones, ones with sequined sleeves and ones with subversive quotes and sayings on them. I fell in love with them on the high street and in boutiques. I folded them up nicely and put them in my closet, one by one, until all that was left was a sea of grey cotton. When things got so out of hand that I couldn’t even remember all the different sweaters I held in my possession, I knew this had to stop. Something had to change. I vowed myself to say no to the perfect grey sweater lurking in a shadowy corner of American Apparel, and I even had to turn away from that deliciously soft grey bargain at Forever21. Suddenly I had to fall back onto my already existing pile of grey crewnecks, and I started to appreciate them again. After a while I just felt perfectly content and satisfied with the jumpers already in my possession. 
That is until I came across this iconic Petit Bateau logo sweater on
I know, I know, yet another grey sweater. But come on guys, look at it! Isn’t it cute? Cool? Interesting? It’s a little boat you know! And with a chilly night in the south of France in mind, I clicked it right into my closet. Oops. And yay!
PS. in case you were doubting my lifelong addiction to grey sweatshirts, I hereby present you (a small selection of) evidence:

I’m with the Boyband / LDN

Leader of the Pack / OMSK

Kiss the Boys and Make them Cry / Filles à Papa

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