Hi guys, I hope you all had a fun and relaxing weekend! Mine was mostly spent at work, boohoo. The coming week will actually be my last one at my current job before embarking on a totally new adventure – something that is both scary and exciting! I’ll keep you posted about my professional endeavors in the future, but for now let’s focus on this post. 
I really wanted to show you this cute dress that I wore for a BBQ over at my mom’s. The brand is called WalG, and is a London-based label specialized in cute dresses and jumpsuits. I am very much into all hues of blue lately, so I picked this V neck chiffon dress in a pale blue and with a very flattering fit. Please accept my apologies for the lame photo background – like I said, we were in the middle of a BBQ and unfortunately these awkward green fences seem to be a typical Belgian thing. I ran the pics through VSCOcam in an attempt to make things better, but I guess these will have to do. Click through to the WalG webshop to get a full lenght look of the dress. 
Tammy Chiffon Dress | WalG  London
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