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  • A Wishlist that Reaches Across the Pond

    I’m heading to London tomorrow – bright and early to check out this years’ edition of Regent Tweet. Besides attending the event, discovering what Regent Tweet has in store for us and soaking up some good London vibes, I’m eager to check out what it trending fashionwise across the pond at the moment. Good girls [...]

    Ashish has just landed at Topshop! The Delhi-born but British based designer, who is all about sequins, glamour, sportswear and more sequins (o my god, me too!), designed a fun Beach-appropriate collection full of cheecky shirts, see-through dresses, beach towels and funky sunnies. I'm visiting Topshop Oxford Street this weekend, and I might just snag [...]
  • Nails That Last a Lifetime: ProNails SoPolish Protect & Peel

    9 times out of ten, my nails aren’t varnished. No fun colours, no exhilarating nail art, not even a subtle French manicure. I prefer to go au naturel when it comes to my fingernails (some call it being plain lazy tho’). I just can’t be bothered with chipped nails or the ghastly smell of nail [...]

    Taking the closet sale from online to offline has become a yearly tradition – we started with a one-day closet sale during the first edition of Antwerp Fashion Night in 2012, had a two-day do-over during Antwerp Fashion Festival in 2013, I hosted a smaller sale right before moving out of my Antwerp apartment and [...]
  • Behind the scenes of my L’Oréal Shoot #MOVEYOURHAIR

    A wake-up call at an ungodly hour prompted me out of bed – with a sight that resembled that of an actual blind mole I tried moving my body from my bedroom to the bathroom, while every drop of joy, pleasantness and reasonability remained in the fort made up of crisp white linen and the [...]

    Yesterday’s outfit, fresh off of my SD card! It was probably the best Sunday I’ve had in a long time – sleeping in, waking up with rays of sun and a huge glass of OJ, chilling by the pool in my new bikini, discovering some hidden gems in the neighbourhood and having Greek food with [...]

    The first five days of our Healthy Week are almost over so it’s time for a round-up. Gosh, weekends are always the hardest, aren’t they? I had a pretty good week, enjoyed a few of my Gérlinea treats, took to twitter and Instagram for some mental help from you guys (thanks!) and started another challenge! [...]

    Cotton. Loose fit. A neutral shade. A bright detail. I’m sold. I complained about my terrifying love for everything resembling a grey sweater before (read about it here), but it seems that I can’t even contain myself when it comes to sweaters tout court. When popping by the Bestseller showroom back in April (where I [...]

    It’s been a month already since I first took you with me on a journey through the AnaïsAnaïs universe and today I’m presenting you the second chapter. Are you excited to take another peek today?  AnaïsAnaïs is all about flowers - its ultra-feminine fresh, rich and romantic bouquet of flowers is the main component of [...]
  • 5 THINGS: WEEK 5

    Hello Sunday! May is almost half way, Summer is around the corner and my weeks are looking more colourful every day. Let's take a closer look at the past seven days... The shelves in my shoe closet reserved for sneakers are already falling apart from all the tons of shoes they have to cary - [...]
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